A place where one can enjoy the traditions of times past and rest one’s soul

Patio Room 정자방 1

Meaning “a place where one can enjoy the traditions of times past and rest one’s soul,” Rakkojae has been studying the evolution of hanok architecture in order to globalize and commercialize the hanok product, while maintaining its cultural integrity since 1994.

Based on the past 30 years of operations, Rakkojae has been pursuing sustainable methods of development while focusing on the next 30 years of growth.  In order to achieve this, we have implemented a new ‘village inn’ concept of operations. Typically, hotels in large cities have space limitations and must connect their guestrooms vertically, in the form of an elevator.  However, if an entire village can be transformed into an inn, the alleyways become elevators and the individual hanoks operated by Rakkojae become our guestrooms.

As a concept pioneered by Italian villages in the 1980s, ‘Albergo diffuso’ started as an effort to revitalize isolated and deserted historical villages. Normally, they are operated by one owner and have historic buildings spread out throughout the village – leading to a true community spirit and the traveler encountering an intimate experience of the local lifestyle.

Recently, travelers have been rejecting the standardized hotel experience and redefining luxury.  Many world-class hotels have attempted to infuse aspects of local culture into their design but these attempts still seem to fall short.  In a time where the desire for authenticity has reached new heights, today’s travelers search small alleyways and roam entire neighborhoods to connect with each destination’s identity.  As a response to these needs, there have been a small number of ‘dispersed hotels’ appearing around the world and Rakkojae is proving to be a market leader in Korea in this space.

The world is now emerging beyond its focus on self-comfort and moving towards the pursuit of true relaxation, a healthy body, and a peaceful mind. In today’s era of cold modernism, an exact science and calculative digitalism, there is a fervent need for something more.  We at Rakkojae believe that the elegance of Korea and the warm-heartedness of the Korean people is the answer to this problem. Differing from the vastness of Chinese culture or the delicacy of Japanese culture, we wish to convey our proud Korean culture to the people of the world.

If the comfort from the lines and empty spaces of a Hanok is the beautiful hardware, the elegance and warm-heartedness of Korea is the software that fills it.  We believe that these factors are what create the emotions unique to Korea that cannot be felt elsewhere in the world.

With the passage of time, hanoks develop an old-fashioned ambiance and grace. It is a home that is in harmony with nature, where even the wind and the moonlight come to rest. A healthy journey that can only be experienced in a hanok awaits you.


This post was produced in partnership with Rakkojae Hanok Hotels.

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