City Talks: LA

Introducing the second season of the 'City Talks' series.

Every city has more than one story to tell and one face to show. From artists to choreographers, each place is full of fascinating creatives making its own culture and story. In Plus’s online initiative ‘City Talks,’ we feature 10 creatives representing the designated city per season, asking contributors to share personal relatedness and build an engaging community that gives a sense of belonging.

Starting May 11, Plus will highlight a single creative each week, unveiling a rich weave of insights every Wednesday.

The second season of ‘City Talks’ taking place in Los Angeles will feature Christine Y. Kim, Tommy Clements, Grant Levy-Lucero, Kathryn Andrews, Martine Syms, Kang Seung Lee, Austyn Weiner, Kenturah Davis, Claire Colette, and Amanda Gunawan.


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