Plus_JiaJia Fei
Illustration by Jisoo Kwak

Every city has more than one story to tell and one face to show. From curators to choreographers, each place is full of fascinating creatives making its own culture and story. In Plus’s online initiative “City Talks,” we feature 10 creatives representing the designated city per season, asking contributors to share personal relatedness and build an engaging community that gives a sense of belonging. 

PLUS: What is the first thing you do when you wake up? 

JiaJia Fei: Feed my cat, then feed myself. 


P: Where is your go-to place to eat and why? 

JJF: Frankies 457 because they are a couple of blocks from my apartment, and because I will never get sick of eating there.


P: What part of New York attracts you the most? 

JJF: The diversity of the people who gravitate toward the city, all plugging into the same creative energy they are giving off everyday. 


P: What inspires you to do what you do everyday? 

JJF: Helping the work of artists and arts organizations reach more people online. 


P: Do you have any media/publications/news that you read in order to learn more about your field? 

JJF: Wired, Harvard Business Review, @jerrygogosian 


P: How has the role of digital strategists changed over your lifetime?

JJF: The need for digital within an organization is no longer an extracurricular activity, it’s now mission-critical—especially post-COVID.


P: What (art)work stopped our footsteps and grabbed your attention? 

JJF: Gretchen Bender’s Total Recall (1987)  


P: What is the one thing you would like to see more in the creative industry? 

JJF: More women (and especially women of color) in leadership positions. 


P: How does art function in our current society?

JJF: Artists are visionaries who can radically imagine the future we want to live in. Art propels other people to ask questions and imagine that future for themselves.  


P: What are three qualities in life that you are thankful for?

JJF: My health, my family, and my ancestors. 

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