City Talks: New York

JiaJia Fei

PLUS: What is the first thing you do when you wake up? 

JiaJia Fei: Feed my cat, then feed myself. 


P: Where is your go-to place to eat and why? 

JJF: Frankies 457 because they are a couple of blocks from my apartment, and because I will never get sick of eating there.


P: What part of New York attracts you the most? 

JJF: The diversity of the people who gravitate toward the city, all plugging into the same creative energy they are giving off everyday. 


P: What inspires you to do what you do everyday? 

JJF: Helping the work of artists and arts organizations reach more people online. 


P: Do you have any media/publications/news that you read in order to learn more about your field? 

JJF: Wired, Harvard Business Review, @jerrygogosian 


P: How has the role of digital strategists changed over your lifetime?

JJF: The need for digital within an organization is no longer an extracurricular activity, it’s now mission-critical—especially post-COVID.


P: What (art)work stopped our footstep and grabbed your attention? 

JJF: Gretchen Bender’s Total Recall (1987)  


P: What is the one thing you would like to see more in the creative industry? 

JJF: More women (and especially women of color) in leadership positions. 


P: How does art function in our current society?

JJF: Artists are visionaries who can radically imagine the future we want to live in. Art propels other people to ask questions and imagine that future for themselves.  


P: What are three qualities in life that you are thankful for?

JJF: My health, my family, and my ancestors. 

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